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ELEXTROLUX High-Speed Panini Press, OPEN BOX/UNUSED, 240V HSPPA1 603855

The Electrolux High Speed Sandwich Press (HSSP) is the fastest sandwich press in the world. Using breakthrough Microwave technology in combination with Infrared technology, cooking times can be reduced up to 75% while delivering superior sandwich quality. You can perfectly toast and heat up the core of your favorite sandwich in less than 60 seconds.* Place your sandwich on the cooking surface and close the lid. The High Speed Sandwhich Press will self adapt the upper grilling plate and automatically open the lid for you when the sandwich is ready. When not in operation, the High Speed Sandwich Press will automatically enter a standby mode reducing the energy consumption.

*Cooking times different based on sandwich thickness and protein/vegetable mix content.

Main Features

  • Adjustable upper plate - 5 levels. - 0 chocks 0.5" (13mm) - 1 chock 1" (24mm) - 2 chocks 1.37" (35mm) - 3 chocks 1.81" (46mm) - 4 chocks 2.24" (57mm)
  • AISI 304 S/S lid and top plate.
  • AISI 430 S/S back cover and galvanized steel bottom cover.
  • Aluminum ribbed top contact plate 8 7/16" × 8 7/16"(215 x 215 mm) treated with a special non-stick coating.
  • Smooth 4 mm thick quartz glass bottom cooking surface 9 13/16 " × 9 13/16"(250 x 250 mm).
  • Independent temperature setting of the top and bottom plates from 320 to 536°F (150 to 250 °C) top and from 320 to 536°F (150 to 230 °C) bottom.
  • Automatic lifting of the lid at the end of the cooking cycle.
  • Electronic control with digital LED display.
  • Countdown display and buzzer at the end of the cycle.
  • 2 temperature probes for an independent control of the top and bottom plate temperature. Two 900W magnetrons for microwave.
  • Removable top front panel and dismountable top cooking plate for better cleanability.
  • The 4 pre-set programs can be adjusted by the user. The programmable parameters are: -top plate temperature - bottom plate temperature -total duration of each cycle - duration of microwaves within each cycles
  • IP24 protected (Protected from touch by hands greater than 12 millimeters and protected from water spray in any direction).
  • ETL safety approved, complies with UL 923 and CSA 22.2 listings.
  • ETL sanitation approved, complies with NSF/ANSI 4 listing.


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