Grindmaster Cecilware FE75N-1 208/240V 1 ph Single 3 Gallon Automatic Coffee Urn

Sale price$2,161.64



  • New Modern Look and User - Friendly Operation.
  • New Silicone Fittings - Prevent corrosion, pitting & leakage.
  • New solid-state dual water level control.
  • Relocated thermostat sensor to side box - Easy access and service.
  • Seamless urn liners standard.
  • Easy Changing of The Water Pump or Thermostat – No need to empty urn completely.
  • Provides (2) Brew Cycle Choices - Full batch and half batch.
  • Full Batch Standard / Half Batch Optional.
  • Relocated Thermometer – Easier to read.
  • Relocated Agitator Pump.
  • Relocated Blend Hoses.
  • Adjustable By-Pass and Automatic Agitators.

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